Nicolas School 100% passed National exams!

All 90 students have passed the national exams at grade 10 and graduate to grade 11 in September. Also all our grade 8 students have passed their national exams and so can go to the Nicolas High School (grade 9) in September.

Students have to pass the national exams to move on to the next stage in their school career. These exams take place at the end of grade 8, grade 10 and grade 12.

18 of the Grade 10 students scored a GPA of 4 (the maximum). Excellent work!

Our pursuit of academic excellence to give the children the best opportunity in life and thus break the cycle of poverty is progressing very well indeed!

Congratulations to all our students and the teachers and management team who have guided them to this brilliant result.

ALSO, earlier, in July,

The Nicolas Robinson School was rated 4 star (out of 4) by the local Education authority. Congratulations to all our staff for a great achievement.

The evaluation is based on facilities and academic standards.

Nicolas Robinson Primary School

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