Getting young people into work

Training has now started in our hospitality unit. 12 students are learning food preparation and waiting at table


Young people need to get into the workplace quickly to maintain self esteem and to ensure their futures. Most students at the Nicolas School are expected to follow the academic path, but this is not suitable for everyone. In our continuing commitment to give EVERY student the best possible start in life, we have built 4  training rooms, kindly sponsored by a visionary donor, to train young people for work. This will look after our less academic students as well as those with special needs. We will train in the basic skills to start a small business as well as arithmetic and English. We will work with local employers as partners to  train in relevant and employable skills. Most importantly we will educate young people in behaviour and community spirit to make them an exemplary employees. Civics is a compulsory subject in schools up to grade 12 and we will ensure that our students understand their roles as citizens as well as employees.

In the next weeks we plan to admit our first students to short courses in the training workshops on the Secondary School site. Once the concept is proven we will work to secure funding to the next phase; a full scale technical training centre on the 40 hectare land we have reserved for the technical and vocational training college.

As this project progresses we will keep you informed. We are already very encouraged by the positive response we have received from the local community.



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