“Lioness” a film about the women fighters of Tigray, Ethiopia and their children

Many of our supporters have asked to learn more about the families we are supporting in Mekele, Tigray.
Max has recently completed a 20 minute documentary film called “Lioness” about the women who fought during the 17-year Ethiopian civil war in order to liberate Tigray, and eventually the entire country of Ethiopia from a regime that carried out one of the most systematic massacres of civilians ever witnessed in Africa. Many of these women now have children at the ¬†Nicolas School, and as they reflect on their personal stories ¬†of struggle and hardship,they explain the value of education for the next generation and what the Nicolas School means to them.
The film is already available in the Tigrinia version at the war memorial museum (Hawelti) in Mekele. You now have the chance to attend the first screening in Europe, in English, at the American Womens Club of Zurich, on September 11th 2015 (New Years Day, 2008, in Ethiopia).
To find out more and sign up for places (admission free) please click here:
We look forward to seeing you there!
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