Newsletter Science and Technology edition

We have had a busy few months at the Nicolas Robinson School and so we are sharing our updates between a few short messages.

This message is focussing on the science activities at the school and how these activities and other mind​-broadening activities have enabled our students to have opportunities they would never have expected.

Thanks to the generosity of the small UK charity, Yellobric, and the ever enthusiastic manager, Gavin, we have not only distributed Nook e-readers to enable the students to read more widely and study the school curriculum on the readers, but also, he has found supporters to set up a race between 6 schools in the UK, Ethiopia and South Africa to launch a helium balloon, track it and take weather readings. The students worked in small teams and had to calculate the payload of the balloon to allow the balloon to get to the right altitude, land in a spot where it could be found and then track it and find it. The schools also collaborated in learning about each other and designing logos and mascots for each other. Many disciplines were involved. We were there for the balloon launch in June. Thank you, Gavin.

The day before the parents day, our senior science students​,​ and also members of the science clubs from grade 7 upwards, prepared experiments and designed projects. They were proudly able to explain these to the hundreds of visitors who came during the Saturday open day​. In the evening, we even had a visit of some senior government ministers and representatives of Ethiopia’s Investment Commission. Such is the dedication of our teachers and students, many of them stayed until 7pm at night in order to present their work. The​y were at school again in the morning before 7am, preparing for the graduation ceremony!

We have found many special talents amongst our students as a result of this work, and many of them will have opportunities in the future. However, this year we are especially proud to announce that Feven had the opportunity to apply for United World College and has won a scholarship for full fees and travel to study for her IB in Thailand. She is a pioneer for the Nicolas Robinson School, and we hope many other students will get a chance to follow in her footsteps in the future. Feven is passionate about science, active in the clubs​,​ and did a lot of computer programming of the raspberry pi for the space race. She wants to study medicine one day and help people in her home country. We wish her every success in her IB studies and we hope she can go on to study med​i​cine in a top university​ in a couple of years from now​.

Please enjoy the video which you can watch by following this link:

Our very best wishes

Kathryn and Max

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