Appeal for educational equipment for the Nicolas School

Appeal for educational equipment for the Nicolas School

Children enjoying their new lego experience


To support the education of the children at the Nicolas School we are calling for your support.

How can you help?

We are teaching the children basic spatial skills, planning and logic. The ideal equipment for this is Lego (TM) ,Duplo (TM) , Meccano (TM) and other similar children’s educational toys or Audio Books. If you have any Lego, Duplo, Meccano or Audio Books (in English) which is no longer needed by your growing children and which can be made available to us in Switzerland (Zurich area) or the UK (London area), please contact us at:-

How else can you help?

Fundraising and support can be done in  many ways.

We have had friends who have participated in an ironman competition, cycled from Zurich to Geneva, or hosted a garden party to support us. Others have requested donations in lieu of presents for a birthday, wedding or other special event. To all these friends and supporters we are forever grateful.

if you are at school or college you can organise support for us at events at your school (with the permission of the staff, of course!). Maybe your school could adopt us as your charity of the year. Maybe your school would like to sponsor a child at the Nicolas School?

If there is something in particular on which you would like your donation to be spent, then please let us know and we can arrange this.

We look forward to hearing from you!