School equipment needed

Old mobile phones (updated 2017)

always needed, as long as the battery still works! Please let us know if  you can let us have any out of date phones. The best ones are the simple robust old-fashioned ones!

Kindergarten equipment

Following the very successful visit of Karin, a kindergarten teacher from Switzerland the following items are also sought. Please contact us if you are able to donate them and we will arrange or them to be taken by volunteers visiting Mekele:

Different size balls, also with different textures

Colour felt pens and marker pens

Children’s scissors (rounded tips)

Memory games (pairing cards)

Playdough, plasticine and similar


Children’s songs on CD in English. Also DVD with action songs

Hand puppets

Stickers (for rewards)

Simple musical instruments such as drum, triangle, xylophone etc

i- pads / tablets

If you have an old tablet computer (with charger) that you no longer need, we would appreciate it for the staff and management at the school. We are going to use them to show videos of science experiments to help the teachers learn how to set them up. Please contact us at and we can arrange a collection. Thank you very much.

Digital cameras and video cameras

We need digital cameras with working batteries or replaceable ones and digital video cameras with hard disks or chips. We are teaching the children visual arts as part of their art course. Please contact us at and we can arrange a collection. Thank you very much.

Musical instruments

Our music room (see video link) is now open and running well. Our music would improve if we had more musical instruments. If you are able to donate portable instruments, especially, flute, clarinet, violin, percussion please let us know ( and we can arrange collection.

Many thanks for your help

Laboratory equipment

We are now equipping our labs. Many materials are not available in Ethiopia, so we need your help. Do you know of schools or laboratories that might have old equipment that the school may be able to use, but is not needed in its current home?  Please contact us at and we can arrange a collection. Thank you very much

Lego, Duplo, Meccano

We are teaching the children basic spatial skills, planning and logic. The ideal equipment for this is Lego (TM) ,Duplo (TM) , Meccano (TM) and other similar children’s educational toys or Audio Books. If you have any Lego, Duplo, Meccano or Audio Books (in English) which is no longer needed by your growing children and which can be made available to us in Switzerland (Zurich area) or the UK (London area), please contact us at:-