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On November 16th Rainbows4Children featured in an article in Tages Anzeiger (Zuerich).  Click here to read the article

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The Nicolas School Kindergarten Eating Room has been in use since 2011. As well as providing a pleasant place for the smallest children to eat their food, it is also being used as a distribution centre for milk, eggs, bananas and oranges for the food supplement programme. The room is open on 3 sides, giving an airy environment and so is also a popular place for meetings for teachers and parents, as well as a stage for performances of music and drama.


Children using the KG eating room

The Primary School Library is now built and in active daily use. As well as the main library, there is a smaller room in which the children learn to read and enjoy books.


Younger children enjoy the informal reading room





The new Primary School Music Room is equipped with private teaching rooms as well. We had our first small concert there in April 2011.


An academic competition in the eating room

The building is also combined with a primary school eating room, giving flexible space.





In 2014 we finally completed the sports area for the primary school – it is a hard surface an many sports can be supported such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, handball. In July 2017 some NBC players came to the school for the day, supported by the US embassy, to coach some of our students (40 boys and 40 girls).


Primary sports area





A beautiful area between the science and classroom blocks





All of the key building work for the Secondary School is now completed. 2 classroom blocks with 14 classrooms, plus 4 laboratory classes (Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Information Technology) have all been built.

The sports field has been levelled and the staff/administration building has now been completed.

In a additon we have 3 blocks of dry latrines for boys, girls and staff (including wheelchair access). Also another facility provides a store, showers for girls and boys, first aid and a pedagogical centre. Water for the showers is pumped from a well and runs through a water softener and ultra-filtration unit to provide drinking quality water for the showers and the students to have drinking water.

Just 3 km from the School site, the land for the Technical and Vocational training School is now completely secured with a natural stone wall. The corner stone was laid in December 2011.

We have also built 4 workshops to train young people in working skills, particularly aimed at those who will not go to University. The facility currently is training food preparation and serving at bar/table for the hotel industry and Technical drawing for the grade 11 and 12 natural science students. In the near future we plan to add ICT and small equipment maintenance courses in these rooms as well as add soft skills training to support local industries.

Our sponsorship programme grows from strength to strength, now 450 students out of 1380 at the school are sponsored so that they can attend the school without cost to their familes.

P1020059 sm

The TVTC wall building starts

IMG_0207 cropped

Two of the school staff with the corner stone prior to installation