Sponsor a project

You can help Rainbows4children and the work we are doing to support the Nicolas School by supporting one of our projects. You can support us as an individual, an organisation or club or through your own fundraising activities. Contact us on info@rainbows4children.org to know more. Here are a few suggestions:

Each year we need to purchase new text books for the school. To replace worn ones, to add to our stock as new courses become available in print and to update our books to reflect curriculum changes.  A sponsorship of $ 10,000 per year will cover our annual budget for text books.

All the school curriculum textbooks are available on pdf within Ethiopia. We can load these onto e-readers and save the cost of buying new books when the curriculum changes. $2,000 buys enough e-readers to equip a class and all their text books will be available on an e-reader. Saves a tree and saves storage space. A quickly renewable resource.

Our supplementary food programme at the school, to provide extra protein and vitamins to our young students costs $40,000 per year.

Our budget for sports equipment is $ 5,500 per year. Maybe your sport club could run an event to support this, or donate equipment?

Our laboratory equipment budget is $15,000 per year. A science club or technical organisation may like to support us or donate equipment. (Fragile equipment and chemicals are not suitable for transport to Ethiopia).

We spend about $6,500 per year on teaching aids for the school. From art materials and globes, demonstration equipment. This is particularly important for Kindergarten and junior Primary School grades.

Our music department needs new equipment, donations in kind and support of $8,200 will help all our student

Each year we spend $2,000 on medical equipment and first aid materials to help students with headaches, stomach upsets and scrapes and grazes. More serious cases are sent immediately to the local clinics.