Sponsor a teacher

In 2017 the Nicolas Robinson School has classes up to and including grade 12 and will cater for students throughout their school education. We now have 1380 students and about 90 teaching staff (teachers and teaching assistants). This provides good employment for many local people as well as providing the best quality education possible for these young students.

Our teachers are the lifeblood of the school and without their skills and dedication the school could not succeed in its aim to become the best school in Mekele and eventually in Ethiopia. We need to attract the best teachers and to retain them, and also to help them further their education for their own benefit and that of the school.

Whilst school fees and student sponsorship programmes cover some of the costs, a great way to help the running costs of the school would be to sponsor a teacher.

Over 50% of our running costs are salary related and sponsorship of a teacher would make a great contribution.

Typical annual sponsorships are:

$2,200/year for a kindergarten teacher

$3.300/year for a graduate teacher

$4,000/year for a teacher with a Masters Degree (compulsory for grades 11 and 12)

If you, your organisation, club. school or institution would like to sponsor a teacher please contact us at info@rainbows4children.org to find out more.

our Kindergarten teachers in a training session after schoolTeaching history, Grade 10