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Getting Young People into Work


Ken Rees, former trustee of Rainbows4children

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The Nicolas Robinson School closed its doors for students for the next 15 days in line with the request of the Ethiopian government to try and slow the progress of Coronavirus in the country. Africa was one of the last continents to be affected but due to the fragile health service in most countries they could be very severely affected. Our teachers had already made a contingency plan, based on their knowledge of the measures taken in other countries and so the children have gone home with projects and course work to pursue. We wish all our students and staff good health during this very difficult time for us all. For more details read our

Training has now been running since February 2017 in our hospitality unit. In this time more than 140 students have completed a course in food preparation and new groups of 20 students join us every 6 months.

Now we are also teaching computing skills and entrepreneurship at the units.

Young people need to get into the workplace quickly to maintain self esteem and to ensure their futures. Most students at the Nicolas School are expected to follow the academic path, but this is not suitable for everyone. In our continuing commitment to give EVERY student the best possible start in life, we have built 4 training rooms, kindly sponsored by a visionary donor, to train young people for work. This is looking after our less academic students as well as those with special needs. We are training in the basic skills to start a small business as well as arithmetic and English. We are working with local employers as partners to  train in relevant and employable skills. Most importantly we are educating young people in behaviour and community spirit to make them exemplary employees. Civics is a compulsory subject in schools up to grade 12 and we will ensure that our students understand their roles as citizens as well as employees.

As this project progresses we will keep you informed. We are already very encouraged by the positive response we have received from the local community.

With great sadness, we inform our Rainbows4children friends of the passing of Ken Rees, aged 76. Ken was one of our first trustees and together with his wife Lynne, helped us enormously throughout the past 20 years with media advice and promotion for Rainbows4children. He helped us create some of our promotional videos and in the film “Lioness” you can enjoy hearing his beautiful speaking voice as he narrates the story of some of the mothers of children at the Nicolas School when they were fighters in the Ethiopian civil war.

In the early days of our sponsored walks in Switzerland, Ken was a regular Master of Ceremonies and many of you will have had the chance to enjoy his fascinating and witty stories, first hand.

Ken is best known for his news reporting for Independent Television News (ITN) and was an award-winning journalist. On this short clip you can see some examples of his work: 

We send our deepest condolences to his wife, Lynne, son Christian, daughter Samantha and his three grandchildren.

Thank you, Ken, for all your support over the years.

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