Why Rainbows ?

2003, the project starts at the

Nicolas Robinson School

Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson (son of the founder) and provides education for disadvantaged children in Ethiopia – primarily the children of adults with disabilities such as loss of limbs and blindness.

100% of donations go directly to the educational projects. This is made possible because all the administration work is carried out entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The patron of Rainbows4children is the renowned BBC journalist, Michael Buerk.

The Foundation is registered in Switzerland no: CH- and founded in 2004

Rainbows4Children is registered in the UK with The Charity Commission (no.1116387), founded in 2005


Max writes:
“The last drawings that Nicolas made before he died were of these two rainbows. After the funeral service, we were gathered with family and friends around the table for lunch when my elder son, Alexander, suddenly exclaimed “Look – there’s a rainbow !”. The rainbow effect was caused by an ornament in the house that acted like a prism and projected a rainbow of colours onto a wall. As the sun moved during the next hour, so did the rainbow which gradually progressed around the room, shining on each of us around the table. As it shone on Alexander’s face, it was as though Nicolas was saying ” I’m here my darling brother – I can still touch you ”


In a similar way Nicolas has reached out to touch and help many children in need in Ethiopia. I love him and miss him so much, and he inspires me every day of my life.

I hope he inspires you too, to give whatever you can afford to the children of Ethiopia.”

Max Robinson

Rainbows4children was established in 2004 in memory of Nicolas Robinson, 1991-1996

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