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A donation in memory

Making a donation to Rainbows4children in memory of a loved one is a special way to remember them.

It is also a special way to leave a legacy and to be remembered by the Nicolas School children who will be the beneficiaries.

One way of making donations in memory is to request donations instead of flowers for the funeral or memorial service. When Rainbows4children have received those donations, we will tell you the amount raised and we can agree a suitable cause to be supported.

When you are preparing or updating your will, you could include in your legacy a donation to Rainbows4children and direct how it is to be used. The Will document should in this case specify Rainbows4children Foundation and use the website as a reference (


Children with learning games in the Kindergarten


The primary school library is well-used

Some examples of how you could specify the way in which your donation or legacy is used are:-

Support a child/children through school/university.

Provide textbooks for the school.

Provide health care at the school

Support the supplementary food programme.

Build a new facility within the school. A lasting legacy.

Your donation will be used directly towards the support of the Nicolas Robinson School and the children in Mekele. 100% of all donations go directly to the project, so you can be sure of the full effect of the gift.

solar power for Chris Gopsill2-Edit.jpg

Solar power will become more important in sunny Ethiopia

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