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Rainbows4children Rose

Rainbows4children rose is baptised! On Wednesday 11th May, 2016, in Tourettes sur Loup in southern France, a new rose was baptised.

R4C_Rose Baptism-43.jpg

Cutting the cake!

This beautiful yellow rose has an exquisite perfume with light agrumic accents. Its blooms flourish throughout the season and is highly disease-resistant and tolerant of most conditions. For preference, it enjoys a position with the early morning sun.

R4C_Rose Baptism-6.jpg

The rose is the result of a collaboration between Dominque Massad, rose-creator or “obtenteur” and Jean-Pierre Dittiere, rose-grower.,,

R4C_Rose Baptism-1.jpg

Rainbows4children rose

Under the aegis of Mediterranean Gardening France (MGF), an international community of people interested in the challenges of gardening in a Mediterranean climate, the baptism took place in the beautiful private garden of Mme Joanna Millar, we thank her for hosting us.

R4C_Rose Baptism-44.jpg

Jean-Paul, Elizabeth, Kathryn, Dominique, Max

JPD et DM.jpg

Jean-Pierre Dittière & Dominique Massad

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