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Sponsorship programmes

Sponsor a student

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The Nicolas Robinson School educates some of the most disadvantaged children in the area of Mekele, Tigray, Northern Ethiopia. These children are the sons and daughters of disabled war veterans who are the most financially disadvantaged in society.  Of the 1400 children at the school, 450 are currently sponsored and we aim to add more to this number, each year.

Your payment covers the cost of the lunch the child brings to school each day from home, their school uniform, pens and pencils and their school registration fee, and their school fees. It also includes transport, as well as the summer school costs.

Sponsorship of a student at the Nicolas Robinson School in  Mekele costs USD500 per year. Normally we would hope that you can sponsor the student throughout their school career (usually up to grade 12). You can chose whether to sponsor a boy or a girl and whether to start your sponsorship in the kindergarten grades or support an older student.

From your student you will receive a letter 3 times per year. Also, once per year you will receive an updated photograph. At the end of the first and second semesters you will receive a grade report to show their progress at school.

If you would like to sponsor a young student at the school, please  apply today

Sponsor a teacher

The Nicolas Robinson School has classes up to and including grade 12 and caters for students throughout their school education. We now have 1400 students and about 90 teaching staff (teachers and teaching assistants). This provides good employment for many local people as well as providing the best quality education possible for these young students.

Our teachers are the lifeblood of the school and without their skills and dedication the school could not succeed in its aim to become the best school in Mekele and eventually in Ethiopia. We need to attract the best teachers and to retain them, and also to help them further their education for their own benefit and that of the school.

Whilst school fees and student sponsorship programmes cover some of the costs, a great way to help the running costs of the school would be to sponsor a teacher.

70% of our running costs are salary related and sponsorship of a teacher would make a great contribution.

Typical annual sponsorships are:

$2,200/year for a kindergarten teacher

$3,000/year for a graduate teacher

$4,000/year for a teacher with a Masters Degree (for grades 11 and 12)

If you, your organisation, club. school or institution would like to sponsor a teacher please apply today

Sponsor a project


You can help Rainbows4children and the work we are doing to support the Nicolas School by supporting one of our projects. You can support us as an individual, an organisation or club or through your own fundraising activities.  Here are a few suggestions:

A sponsorship of $7,000 per year will cover our annual budget for text books.

All the school curriculum textbooks are available on pdf within Ethiopia. We can load these onto e-readers and save the cost of buying new books when the curriculum changes. $2,000 buys enough e-readers to equip a class and all their text books will be available on an e-reader.

Our supplementary food programme at the school, to provide extra protein and vitamins to our young students costs $40,000 per year.

Sports equipment costs $3000 per year. Maybe your sport club could run an event to support this, or donate equipment?

Our laboratory equipment budget is $10,000 per year. A science club or technical organisation may like to support us or donate equipment. (Fragile equipment and chemicals are not suitable for transport to Ethiopia).

We spend about $12,500 per year on teaching aids for the school. From art materials and globes, demonstration equipment. 

Our music department needs new equipment, donations in kind and support of $8,200 will help all our students.

Each year we spend $2,000 on medical equipment and first aid materials to help students with headaches, stomach upsets and scrapes and grazes. 

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