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Nicolas Robinson School


In cooperation with the TDVA, Rainbows4children started construction of the Nicolas Kindergarten in 2004, and in September 2005 it opened to 160 children, aged 4-6 years. It was extended in 2006 and now it has capacity for 240 children. Since then we have landscaped the gardens and built a play area and eating room so they have more space for learning.

  • 6 classrooms

  • 40 students per class

  • 50% boys, 50% girls

  • In  2020, 34% students are sponsored by Rainbows4children supporters

Kindergarten school in 2019


In 2006, construction started on the Primary School. Over the next 4 years, the school and facilities were expanded to accomodate 640 students from grades 1-8 (ages 6-14). In addition a large library, IT training room,  music/meeting room, sports ground and eating room were all constructed. A computer room and laboratory are also provided.

  • 18 classrooms

  • 40 students per class

  • 50% boys, 50% girls

  • In  2020, 30% students are sponsored by Rainbows4children supporters

  • 100% success rate in grade 8 exams

Primary school in 2019


Construction on the secondary school started in 2011, and in September 2012 the Secondary School opened with 75 grade 9 students, 36 of whom had graduated from our own Primary School. In 2019, the Secondary School has a total of 360 students in grades 9 to 12. Students benefit from best in class facilities including excellent science laboratories teaching practical science and can complete their primary and secondary education at the Nicolas Robinson School.

  • 12 classrooms

  • 30 students per class

  • 50% boys, 50% girls

  • In  2020, 32% students are sponsored by Rainbows4children supporters

  • Students from Grade 12 normally progress to university, private colleges or technical or vocational training.

Secondary school in 2019


Equipment for the school is funded by donors and is supplied mainly by local businesses in Mekele and in Addis Ababa, including workshops where many people with disabilties are working. In 2010 we equipped the school classrooms and library with 22,000 books.

Primary school library


The Nicolas Robinson School (NRS) follows the Ethiopian National Curriculum and prepares the students for the Ethiopian Higher Education University Entrance Exam which is taken in Grade 12. 

The NRS is a technology-rich learning environment with an emphasis on the sciences. ICT classes are introduced in Grade 1, and coding is taught from grade 9 onwards. Both the secondary school and the primary school have fully staffed IT labs with computers for every student, and the Secondary School has 3 modern science labs, for physics, chemistry and biology.

The NRS is accredited by the Tigrai Bureau of Education at level 4 (top possible score). The Nicolas Youth & Adults Learning Center (NYALC) is accredited by the Tigrai Regional Technical Vocational & Training Bureau (TVET) for level 1 courses in hospitality (entry level). The accreditation for the ICT training at the NYALC is pending.

The Nicolas Robinson School is a member of the HALI Network (High Achievers Low Income).

This network helps schools who support disadvantaged children with top quality education in Africa.

University Allocations by class:

Class of 2016: 40% Mek’ele University; 3% University of Addis Ababa; 40% Other Tigrai universities; 17% other Ethiopian universities

Class of 2017: 55% Mek’ele University; 3% University of Addis Ababa; 37% other Tigrai universities; 3% other Ethiopian universities; 1% Hamlin School of Midwifery; 1% UWC Thailand (IB course)

Class of 2018: 25% Mek’ele University; 25% other Tigrai universities; 50% other Ethiopian universities

One student of the Class of 2017 was admitted at the United World College, Phuket, for the 2017-2019 school years. In September 2019, she entered Macalester College in Minneapolis, USA. Both opportunities were on fully funded scholarships.

One student of the Class of 2019 was admitted to United World College, Hong Kong, for the 2019-2021 school years on a full scholarship. She has now won a full scholarship to Trinity College, Connecticut.

One student of the Class of 2019 was admitted to the African Leadership Academy (Johannesburg) on a full scholarship and she now has a full scholarship to the University of Rochester. A second student joined African Leadership Academy in September 2020 and has a tuition scholarship to the Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific University in Beppu, Japan.

Three other students of the Class of 2019 have been offered places as US universities or colleges. (New York University - Shanghai, Nichols College, Hult, Regis, Quest Canada)


One of the modern science laboratories

Group photo 3.jpg

Some of our successful students

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