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Our Partners


Some of the members of our partner organisation

Our local partner in Ethiopia is the Tigray Disabled Veteran’s Association (TDVA) and our partnership with them is essential to the project. We believe that the local community should take on responsibility for the upkeep and running of the school and the TDVA have agreed in their contract with Rainbows4children that they will eventually take over the running costs of the school. They will raise funds through their own endeavours including profits from their business activities, which employ parents with disabilities of the supported children.

Why Mekele?


The site we chose for the school (2003)

Mekele was selected as a location for the school for several reasons. Most importantly because there is a significant number of adults with disabilities in this region whose children do not have access to schooling. By selecting an urban environment, where a further education system is in place (including a university), we are supporting children for whom there is a long-term perspective of successful local employment which in turn will reduce the dependency on aid and enable them to escape from the poverty trap. Mekele also has good infrastructure which enables access to other parts of Ethiopia by road and air.


We first saw parents educating their children under canvas


To understand more about the people of Tigrai, Mekele and many of the members of our patner organisation, please enjoy this video, created by Max Robinson, entitled "Waero" which means "Lioness"

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