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Our annual sponsored walk was a great success!
Many thanks to all our supporters who participated through the raffle, sponsorship, running & walking and enjoying the BBQ.
We have raised about CHF 55,700. 
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Clean & Climb Ben Nevis
Many thanks for a great result!
£ 4,700 raised for the Nicolas Robinson School

14 12 2020- We have had our first contact with the school in 6 weeks. It seems that most people are safe. We hope to hear more in the next few days. 
19 01 2021 - Focus on humanitarian support: food and emotional support for staff and students.
28 06 2021 - Currently we are unable to connect with the School, but operations will continue.
2022 - we can connect with the School from time to time. We are ensuring everyone gets food. 1000 children are being educated and fed.

Nicolas Robinson, 1991-1996

As part of our encouragement of care for the environment -
training young people in much needed skills:
learning agriculture techniques to grow food and plant trees.
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About Rainbows4children

Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson (son of the founder) and provides education for disadvantaged children in Ethiopia – primarily the children of adults with disabilities such as loss of limbs and blindness.

100% of donations go directly to the educational projects. This is made possible because all the administration work is carried out entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The patron of Rainbows4children is the renowned BBC journalist, Michael Buerk.

The Foundation is registered in Switzerland no:

CH- and founded in 2004

Rainbows4Children is registered in the UK with The Charity Commission (no.1116387), founded in 2005

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