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Congratulations to our brilliant grade 12 students! We have a 97% pass rate to university from our students who have waited 3 long years to take their exams! Many congratulations, we are proud of you.

Our graduating batch of Grade 12 students celebrated in a small ceremony but very special as these students have defied the odds to succeed. 

 (Our thanks to students of Zurich International School for the gowns).

Congratulations to our grade 8 students who have all passed their regional exams. They will now progress to grade 9. A spectacular result after spending most of the last 3 years out of school and with only 5 months to prepare for the exams.
Well done!

Great results from our September Fundraiser!!

Our sponsored walk in 2023 took place in Horgen on Saturday 23rd September 2023.

Thank you to everyone,
who helped us raise at least CHF 50,000! 
And sponsor 15 children at the Nicolas Robinson School 

It is not too late to contribute. Click on the "Donate here" button and mark your donation "SW23" 
All our students are now back in school. The younger students started school again in March 2023, the older students started in April.
2023 - children are back in school.
The key programmes are health checks: physical and mental. 
Children are enjoying play, social contact, receiving text books and work sheets and re-discovering the joy of learning

About Rainbows4children

Rainbows4children is an independent foundation set up in memory of Nicolas Robinson (son of the founder) and provides education for disadvantaged children in Ethiopia – primarily the children of adults with disabilities such as loss of limbs and blindness.

100% of donations go directly to the educational projects. This is made possible because all the administration work is carried out entirely by unpaid volunteers.

The patron of Rainbows4children is the renowned BBC journalist, Michael Buerk.

The Foundation is registered in Switzerland no:

CH- and founded in 2004

Rainbows4Children is registered in the UK with The Charity Commission (no.1116387), founded in 2005

Nicolas Robinson photo.jpg

Nicolas Robinson, 1991-1996

2009-02-20 009 Nicolas School.JPG
Rainbows4children is a proud member of HALI access network
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