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The site we chose for the school (2003)


Secondary school classrooms 2018

We are creating a model system of education for children in Ethiopia which is self-sustaining financially and which can be reproduced in other parts of Ethiopia and eventually other countries in Africa.

We have built best-in-class school facilities for children primarily of parents with disabilities from age 4 (Kindergarten entry level) through to Grade 12 (known as Preparatory school in Ethiopia – typically aged 18/19), in the town of Mekele, Northern Ethiopia.

For children leaving school and not continuing to further education at University level, we will provide technical training. We will teach skills which are in short supply in Mekele including professionals in the hospitality industry, agriculture, computer programmes, entrepreneurship and others as identified by the community.

At all times, locally trained Ethiopian teachers and the Ethiopian school curriculum will be employed. We upgrade skills of the staff by bringing in experts from other parts of Ethiopia, other African countries as well as from overseas.

new pupils for Mekele school 3.jpg

Laying the corner stone 2004

Ethiopia 119.jpg

Our local partners, the TDVA in 2011

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